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Specifically designed for
Automotive Pros
Watch the video!  I'm Looking to help 26 action takers that are 100% ready to make a change NOW.
Only 26 SPOTS available.  If you want to finally drop the weight... don't wait!
Time for a change
Our automotive industry produces some of the unhealthiest people in this country.  Long hours, terrible food and eating habits, feast or famine stress.  It's no wonder that so many of us are fat, sick and have low energy.

Right now's your opportunity to be part of a new program designed to put help you feel better, look better and age better... today.  Not "someday".

Are you ready to change TODAY?

- Jesse Walker
Auto Transformation System
What's included?
  • ​16 Weeks Of Customized One On One Coaching:  We build your nutrition plan and exercise programs around your goals, schedule and resources. Everything  is setup so that you can win, even if you've tried dozens of times before
  • ​Customized Workouts Delivered Straight To Your Phone: Workout with a plan anywhere - home, gym or office!  which means no matter what life throws at you, you'll stay consistent
  • ​Meal Plans PLUS: Personalized meal plans, menus, guides and strategies which means you can easily hit your nutritional targets for your goals whether following the meal plan or eating takeout at your desk
  • ​Supportive Facebook Group With Weekly Live Coaching: Share the success and momentum of the community. You are NEVER alone 
  • 4 (1 Per Month) 3D Modeled Body Composition Scans: Track you body fat percentage along with other indicators like waist, arm, hip and leg circumference so you can The scale is only ONE indicator, see your progress from more angles
  • ​Contests with cash prizes: A little competition never hurt anybody... plus its fun!
  • ​Healthy Holiday Tips Guide:  All about having your cake and eating it too... and your eggnog, pie, etc. ;-)
Coolest Bonus EVER!!!
3D Body Composition Scans
4 3D Body Composition Scans to track your progress!  These are stored on YOUR phone.  I'll bring the scanner to the dealership once a month to update all participants scans. 
(Local Dexa-scans will run you $150 per scan)
What's the investment?
This is a PILOT so I wanted to make the price super attractive.  
After pilot stage, this will be around $4,000 for 16 weeks all inclusive.  
For the pilot, everything all inclusive is just $2,000

How good of a deal is that?
Compare it to hiring a personal trainer
 - 3 sessions per week
 $60 a session = $180 per week
x16 weeks is $2,880
 Add the scans and you're at $3500! 
That's with No Nutrition, no app, no support group, no daily one on one coaching. no habit and mindset coaching.

Because this price is so low, I require massive commitment from this first group.  
Please only apply if YOU ARE SERIOUS
Auto Transformation Program
  • ​16 Weeks Of Customized One On One Coaching ($3,200 Value)
  • ​Customized Workouts Delivered Straight To Your Phone ($197 Value)
  • ​Meal Plans PLUS ($297 Value)
  • ​​Supportive Facebook Group With Weekly Live Coaching ($997 Value)
  • ​4 (1 Per Month) 3D Modeled Body Composition Scans ($600 Value)
  • ​​Contests with cash prizes (Priceless and FUN!)
  • ​Healthy Holiday Tips Guide 
Over $5,200 worth of value, just $2,000 for participating in the pilot!
How Do I Get Started?
  • Click to START!
  • Fill in your info
  • Make a $300 deposit - your commitment
  • ​Complete the short application
  • ​Expect a call shortly from me!
  • ​If we BOTH agree we're a good fit and feel confident of your success in this program well Get STARTED!
You will NOT be billed $2,000 now
To apply to participate, click the button, fill out the info and you will be charged a $300 deposit only!
How long is the program and when does it start?
It's a 16 week program.  Dependant upon when you onboarding is completed, your start date will be some time in November and the program will run for 16 weeks.

How does the competition work?  
The competition will be point based on engagement and consistency.  We'll launch that the first week of January so everyone gets a great start for 2020!

Is the $2,000 refundable? 
No... For 2 reasons - 1) one on one coaching and customization is a work intensive process and 2) the money serves as a little leverage for yourself to push through. It's far easier to quit something if you have nothing on the line.  Of course, before you commit, we'll have a conversation to determine if we're a good fit.  After that, final payment will be collected and you're in for the 4 months.

How do I sign up?
Just click the button to charge the $300 deposit and fill in your information.  I'll call you shortly for a brief conversation to make sure we're a good fit and that we both believe you'll be successful in the pilot.  If all is good, then we'll charge the final payment and start.  Otherwise, I'll refund your deposit.

What about the holidays? 
What about them? Nothing we do is going to stop you from enjoying yourself during the holidays.  In fact, you'll likely have more fun and less guilt because you will now have a plan.  If you're concerned about being gone for vacation and missing out on some of your 16 weeks, we can talk about that.

How do the scans work?
I own a pro quality 3D body composition scanner and it's portable enough that I can bring it to the dealership for monthly scans.  You'll stand on a platform that spins you 360 while being scanned.  Its really cool! One of the best stats for health to track BTW is Waist Hip Ratio (WHR). For Men it should be under.9 and women .85.  Higher than that correlates to a higher mortality risk! Do you know YOUR WHR?

What if I don't have $2,000 now?  
There are a couple of options - 1)We can do paypal.  Paypal offers 6 months 0% interest OR 2) I will finance for 3 payments of $750. 

What about injuries or medical conditions?
First off - make sure you are CLEARED by your doctor before you participate in this or any other fitness program.  That being said, as its custom, we're able to work with all sorts of injuries and nutritional challenges.

What if I have more questions?
You can email me at jesse@fitnessbeyondcoaching.com or call/text at 305-901-5729

we can do this!
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Meet Jesse
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  • 49 years Young
  • PN1 Certified Nutritionist
  • Best Selling Author
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